Welcome to UCC Ethics Hotline!

You can report any issues in a simple and safe way using the form. If you wish, you can choose to be anonymous, and your report cannot be connected to you. During the creation of your report, you will receive a unique ID and password. Please keep them in a secure place. You can track the case using the ID and the password.

United Call Centers Kft. (hereinafter: UCC) is subject to the CLXV of 2013 on complaints and announcements of public interest operates an abuse reporting system under the scope of the law. The sole purpose of the whistleblowing system is to provide UCC employees and members with the opportunity to report violations of laws and rules that harm the public interest and the interests of UCC.

In our abuse reporting system, you can report illegal or suspected illegal acts or omissions and information about other abuses.

It is possible to report via this electronic system to enter your personal data. If you wish to provide your personal data, then CLXV of 2013. in accordance with the law, we treat it confidentially and use it exclusively to investigate the report and to remedy or eliminate the behavior that is the subject of the report. However, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that if you make your report in an unidentifiable way, our Company may not investigate the report.

After receiving the report, we identify you and provide electronic information about the report, the investigation period of which is no more than 1 month from the receipt of the request. If necessary, the investigation period can be extended by 2 months, which we will inform you about within the 1-month administrative deadline.

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